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What are SMART goals?

SMART goals are something that businesses need to use in their marketing. This acronym helps to create objectives and goals – like everything in marketing, you must know what you want to work out how you can achieve it.

SMART marketing and business goals are a firm part of your business strategy. A strategy creates direction, like a treasure may to get you to the gold. Once you have a strategy you have a clear picture of your goals and the direction you need to go in to develop and grow your business. These goals help make business and marketing strategy simple using the five stages of SMART. You can break these down like the below, or maybe create a table.

A marketing strategy with SMART goals will give your business a greater chance of success.

Specific – Make sure your SMART goals are detailed.

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This is where you add detail to your goals. For example, saying you want to earn more isn’t enough. Be precise. A precise figure or percentage helps you to regularly track progress. A food example is: Increase profits by 15%. By being precise about your gaols you can visualise your outcome.

Measurable – Put a number on it.

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A goal must be measurable for you to know whether you can achieve it or no. An example of this is: From December 2021 to December 2022, we will increase profits by 15% – see we now have a goal and a time period across which we want to achieve that specific goal.

Achievable – Can you achieve this goal?

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Now you’ve decided the specifics of your goal, you need to know that it is achievable to be able to get behind driving your business to meet each goal. If a goal isn’t seen as achievable you need to start from the beginning again Achievable goals increase morale and give focus to all involved in playing their part to work towards the goal. Unachievable goals have a negative effect – this must be avoided.

Realistic – Can your SMART goal turn into a reality?

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When setting your objectives, goals, whatever you choose to call them, some businesses can get carried. For a marketing strategy and plan to be effective, it’s got to be very realistic. When deciding the goal, always question the possible hurdles that you will need to overcome and factor these in.

Time-based – Add a time frame to your goal.

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After reviewing your business and sorting through your capabilities, you can now set a realistic date to achieve each goal. Again, this needs to be realistic, otherwise it will create unnecessary pressure. A natural amount of pressure is healthy in lending itself to keeping motivated and feeling challenged in a positive way.

Get SMART with your marketing!

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To summarise, if you follow the smart steps clearly, and keep checking back on each point you can create goals as part of a strategy that are simple and doable, making your marketing and planning much more manageable.

When implementing a strategy and plan of action take your people with you, involve them. They must know the end goal and how to achieve it to buy into it as a team. Using SMART objectives and goals will make your strategy a reality through focused and consistent action that you can review on a monthly basis. Additionally, SMART goals lay the foundations within a simple marketing strategy, so make sure you follow this method, put a focus on your business goals and start your marketing activities on the right foot.

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