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Find the focus that helps you reach your business goals confidently.

Get marketing right with a simple strategy, doable monthly action plan and hands-on support, including coaching and mentoring.

Anna Short, Boo! Marketing


Hi! I’m Anna Founder of Boo!

I left the corporate world after 23 years to take control of my own destiny and remove the overwhelm of marketing for small business owners.

Boo! support small business growth by showing them the bigger picture around marketing, the opportunities and the surprises.

Now, every business can have simple marketing to achieve their business goals.

Not your typical marketing consultancy services

Your marketing shouldn’t be difficult or a slog, it should be simple and easy. With the right marketing consultant you can get your small business out there in a way that’s right for you. 


Marketing to save time

Time to focus on what your business does best


Focused marketing

Play to your strengths, reach your goals


Big picture marketing wins

See the bigger marketing picture for opportunities

Get started with making marketing simple

Step 1 – Focus
Create a strategy that gets you focused, provides clear direction and achieves your business goals.

Step 2 – Action
Bring the strategy and goals to life with action. A monthly plan of focused and consistent action.

Step 3 – Results
Review the plan and actions each month to track success against your goals. Know what works and do more of that.

A good marketing consultant will always give you focus, action and results in a way that’s right for you. Being marketing confident has never been easier.

3 simple steps

Simple Marketing Strategy

Boo business goals

3-Month Doable Action Plan

Boo marketing plan

Achieve business goals with a simple marketing strategy, 3-month doable action plan & results review

Solid marketing foundations generate business every month with:  

  1. A goal-led marketing strategy unique to your business
  2. A 3-month doable marketing action plan with the right mix of marketing activities and low-cost marketing tools 
  3. Results reviews to measure the success of your marketing activities every month, that way you know what works well
  4. Flexible support from long-standing marketing consultants that keep it simple

Already have a marketing strategy and plan?

Access a range of flexible marketing services to develop and grow your small business. 

Marketing Huddle

Boo joining the dots

A friendly and supportive community that learns together

Flexible Marketing Support

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Outsourced marketing frees you up to do what you do best

Coaching & Mentoring

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Empowering small business owners and marketing apprentices

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